I am broadly interested in the ecology, management and restoration of forests, with a geographic focus on the tropics and western North America. My research occurs through the combination of different data types and approaches - field inventories, statistical modeling, spatial analyses, and critical document review. Given the interdisciplinary nature of forest management, I apply these to both social and ecological systems.

For my dissertation research, I am exploring these topics through the conservation of mangrove forests. Specifically, I seek to understand the social and environmental impacts of mangrove loss as well as design avenues for their restoration and conservation in Thailand. My work has been used in a regional-scale project designed to support local communities in conserving mangroves.

As my research has a strong applied component, I also develop data-driven tools to inform environmental decision-making, particularly for those without extensive resources or specialist support. For example, I have collaborated with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation to develop a suite of webmaps for hosting and querying natural resource data.

Questions, feedback, or ideas for collaboration are always welcome. Get in touch with me at jbukoski at berkeley.edu.

Current Research Projects

  1. Carbon stocks and historical emissions from mangroves in Thailand (doctoral research)
  2. Optimizing climate change mitigation benefits of ecosystem restoration (with IIS)
  3. Mangroves and globalization - Examining the interface of public policy and public perceptions for mangrove ecosystems (through a graduate pursuit at SESYNC)

Former Research Projects

Indian Land Tenure Foundation Webmapping Program

  • With: Indian Land Tenure Foundation & Spatial Informatics Group - Natural Assets Laboratory

Social and Environmental Safeguard Assessment, Republic of Vanuatu

  • With: Department of Forestry of the Republic of Vanuatu & Climate Law and Policy

Income for Coastal Communities for Mangrove Protection

  • With: Mangroves for the Future, USAID Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests & United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

Snake Ecology and Conservation

  • With: Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve & Suranaree University of Technology

Solar Decathlon, Europe

  • With: King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi & U.S. Department of Energy

2014 FIFA Futsal World Cup Stadium

  • With: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill & King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi